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The Australian Embassy in Moscow processes citizenship by descent applications for clients residing in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova and Armenia.

A person can be registered as an Australian citizen if one of their biological parents was an Australian citizen at the time of their birth. A person becomes a citizen on the date they are registered. A person must be registered as an Australian citizen before they apply for an Australian passport.

Applications for Citizenship by Conferral, Resumption and Renunciation of Australian Citizenship, or for a Certificate of Evidence of Australian Citizenship should be lodged directly with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Check our application options to become an Australian citizen page for details.

How to Apply for Citizenship by Descent

For detailed information on the process for applying for citizenship by descent at the Australian Embassy in Moscow, see How to Apply and General Information. You can apply online, or by sending a paper application. You must include all documents listed in the Citizenship by Descent Checklist with your application.

Persons applying for citizenship by descent who were born through a surrogacy arrangement need to provide additional documents as well as those in the general checklist. Please see the Citizenship by Descent - Surrogacy - Checklist.

If the applicant is under 18, either parent may apply on the child’s behalf. If only one parent is an Australian citizen, either parent may apply, but the Australian parent must be a responsible parent. A responsible parent is a person that has ongoing parental responsibility for the child.

Children of Australian Citizens by Descent

Please note if your parent became an Australian citizen by descent, he or she must have been present in Australia for periods totalling two years at some time in their life in order for the child to now be registered as an Australian citizen by descent.

Application Charge

The current application for the first application and any siblings whose application is lodged at the same time can be found by following the links here: Fees and Charges

Processing Times

Service standard processing times for citizenship applications can be found here: Citizenship service standards.

The current service standard processing time for citizenship by descent applications is one month from when we receive a valid application to when we issue the certificate. However if the application is not submitted with the all the required documents there may be significant delays. Below are the most common reasons why an application is delayed:

• Not all the required identity documents were provided;
• Evidence of other citizenship the Australian parent holds was not provided;
• Translations were not provided or the translation was provided without the original/certified document;
• The application form was not signed or correct proof of signature not provided.

Applications that do not provide the required identity document or correct proof of identity may be returned as an invalid application.

Detailed information about citizenship requirements is available on our website.

Applying for an Australian Passport

Once citizenship has been granted, the person may apply for an Australian passport. Passports are processed through the Passports Section of the Australian Embassy, Moscow (not the Citizenship and Visa Section).

Australian citizens entering Australia should do so on an Australian passport. It is not possible for an Australian citizen to be granted an Australian visa even if that person is also a citizen of another country and wishes to travel on that country’s passport.

Can we send the citizenship certificate to the Passport Office?

Once an application for citizenship by descent has been finalised, we send the certificate by registered mail to the postal address listed on the application form. If you would like us to provide the citizenship certificate directly to the Passports Section, please advise us in writing (email is acceptable) when you submit your application.