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Our Latest Consular News

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

The Australian Government will proceed with the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey of all Australians on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll.  Australians who will be overseas throughout the collection period can respond to the survey online or by phone from 25 September.  For more information please visit the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website or contact the Information Line  +61 2 6252 5262 (outside of Australia).

Passport and Notarial Fees Increases

      From  1 January 2017, passport and notarial fees increases will apply :

For Passports, the following increases will apply:

  • 10-year validity passport for persons aged 16 and over: new fee $277.
  • 5-year validity passport for children under 16 years and persons aged 75 and over: new fee $139.
  • Emergency passport overseas: new fee $175.
  • The overseas surcharge for passport applications lodged outside Australia will increase to $52 for children under 18 years and to $103 for adults.

For Notarials, the new fees will range between $70 and $140 AUD depending on the requested service. This increase takes into account that Australian notarial fees have not increased in 16 years, the growing costs of delivering notarial services and risisng demand. The new fees structure aligns with those charged by commercial providers.

Smartraveller Campaign 2016

The Australian Government launched a new Smartraveller 2016 campaign to help Australian travellers prepare for their trips overseas. The new campaign aims to remind Australians to prepare for their upcoming trips and to take responsibility for themselves when travelling overseas.

With Australians continuing to travel in ever-increasing numbers, with almost 10 million trips taken in the last financial year, the Smartraveller message continues to be critically important: 'be informed, be prepared':

  • check the Smartraveller website for information about destination countries and other travel bulletins and subscribe to the relevant advisories;
  • register travel details on the website so that consular officers, family and friends back home are able to contact an emergency; and
  • insure yourself by taking out travel insurance with an appropriate level of cover.

When Australians travel without adequate preparation, or make irresponsible choices, there can be very serious consequences for themselves and their family.

The advertisements will be featured on television and in digital, print, outdoor and social media as well as translated for non-English speaking Australians. There will also be a new Smartraveller smartphone application for android devices which will complement the existing iPhone application.

The Smartraveller campaign aligns with the Australian Government's Consular Strategy 2014-16, while taking a fun and light-hearted approach to the serious issue of being informed and prepared to travel safely overseas.

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