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Visa Enquiries

Change to Immigration Contact Number

From 03 October, the local access number in Serbia and Russia will no longer work and it will not be possible to contact the Europe Service Centre with those numbers. You will need to make an international call to the UK number.

The decision to cease local access numbers for certain countries has been made following a review of the Department’s current service offer.

In reaching this decision, the following factors were considered:

  • International rates to the UK are competitive;
  • Most pre-lodgement and some post-lodgement information is available on our website and we encourage clients to maximise the use of these resources before calling;
  • We expect that by removing local access numbers from some countries, call volume will drop. This will lead to reduced waiting times and therefore potentially lower call costs.

For more information, click here.

General Information

The Europe Service Centre is the first point of contact for all visa or citizenship enquiries. The Europe Service Centre is a dedicated and specialist service of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that handles all enquiries relating to visa and citizenship requirements to Australia for clients based in Russia or countries we service.

Tel +44 (0) 207 420 3691 (international call) or email.

Russian language from 12:00-15:00 (Moscow Time) – (press 2 from alternative language options)
English language from 16.00-19.00 (Moscow Time)

The Centre aims to answer most calls within ten minutes, but this cannot always be guaranteed, particularly during peak periods.

If your query is not urgent, you are strongly advised to email the Centre rather than calling them, via the contact form above. The Centre aims to reply to web enquiries within two working days of receipt.

If you call the Russian number during Russian language service hours, you will hear a Russian greeting message. If you press 2 during this message, you will be given alternative language options.

If you have trouble reaching an information officer using the number above, you may wish to try the English language number directly on +44 (0) 20 7420 3690.

Information officer at the Centre can provide general information about visa types and criteria, application requirements and processing steps/timeframes. They cannot:

  • Suggest which visa you should apply for
  • Help you complete an application form
  • Tell you whether or not your application has been received (See Acknowledging your Application)
  • Assist in resolving rejected visa application payments (please contact your bank instead)
  • Reconsider a finalised application