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Consular Assistance

If you are an Australian citizen in Russia (or in one of our countries of accreditation) and you require urgent consular assistance, please contact us by phone on +74959566070 (or 84959566070 if dialling from within Moscow) during business hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday). Contact details of our Honorary Consulates in St Petersburg, Vladivostok and Almaty are also available here.

If outside business hours, please contact the Australian Consular Emergency Centre on +61262613305.

Consular Assistance

If you are an Australian citizen intending on, or are currently travelling or residing overseas, we encourage you to register your details on as part of your pre-travel planning, in addition to ensuring your travel insurance is up to date and your itinerary and contact details are provided to family or friends. For information about what consular assistance is available to you while  overseas including what we can and cannot do for Australians overseas, please check the Australian Government's Consular Services Charter.

Travel Advice

Our travel advice and country updates assess the level of risk in a particular destination so that you can make informed decisions about where and when to travel overseas. You can access the full range of travel information to help prepare for overseas travel on, including the travel advice for:

You can also subscribe to the travel advice to receive free email notification each time the advice is updated.

Australian Passports

For information about Australian passports, including to apply online or to report a lost or stolen passport, click here.

Australian Visas

If you are looking for information on Australian visas, immigration or citizenship, or are enquiring about an application you have already lodged, please check our visa page or contact the Europe Visa Centre

Living and Travelling Overseas (Services and Information)

Driving in Russia

Australians intending on driving in Russia require a translated and notarised copy of their current Australian driver’s licence. In addition, drivers must carry with them the original driver’s licence; passport (with a current Russian visa and migration card) and the vehicle’s registration and insurance certificates. It also recommended (although not mandatory) that you carry an international driver’s permit (check with your local motor club), the vehicle’s technical inspection card; a power of attorney authorising you to drive the car if the car is not in your name (or a rental certificate). Australians with Russian residency permits can drive on their current Australian driver’s licence for up to 60 days after arrival.

Please note:

  • Driving in Russia is on the right side of the road.
  • Mostly all street signs are in Cyrillic (Russian script).
  • Moscow’s traffic jams are notoriously bad, especially early in the morning and late afternoons.

Renewal of Australian Driver Licences

For information on renewing your Australian driver’s licence. please contact the transport authority of the state which issued your licence.

Australian Police Checks (criminal history records)

For information on obtaining Australian national police checks, known as a criminal history record or police clearances, please contact the Australian Federal Police (AFP)’s National Police Checks section

Australian Birth, Death and Marriage certificates

for information on, and to request copies of an Australian-issued certificate relating to a birth, death, marriage, changes of name, change of sex, adoption, or relationship registration; please contact the registration authority of the state which issued your certificate.

Social Security and Pension Payments

For information about Australian social security and pension payments, please contact Centrelink’s International Services (Department of Human Services).

Notarial Services and Document Legalisation Overseas

To comply with foreign requirements, Australian documents sometimes need additional government legalisation (through an authentication or the placement of an apostille) before they can be used overseas. This can also include Australian educational certificate and academic testamurs. For additional information on legalising documents, click here.

Other notarial services available at the Australian Embassy in Moscow include:

  • Certifying copies of original documents (linked to Australia).
  • Witnessing of signatures on documents (linked to Australia).
  • Identity verification on Australian bank applications and Australian land transactions (see below re land transactions).
  • Witnessing statutory declarations under Australian Commonwealth laws (and some State laws).
  • Witnessing affidavits (the taking of an oath or affirmation) for use in Australian courts or legal proceedings.
  • Certifying photographs (for use in documents linked to Australia) as a true likeness of the applicant.

For additional information on Australian notarial services, click here.

Once you have identified the service you seek, please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain the most up to date fees.

To make an appointment for a notarial service, click here.

For information on how to pay for a notarial service, click here.

Certifying Identity for a Land or Property Transaction

Australian states and territories have rules in relation to land or property transactions in Australia. One of the rules is that a face-to-face interview must be conducted with the individual who is signing a property document and that the identification documents used to verify a person's identity must be presented. If you require a form to be witnessed and/or need identification documents certified, we can perform these functions for you. You should check with your Australian representative what is required before seeking our services. If you require verification of identity for a property transaction, you must attend an interview with original identification documents, client authorisation or mortgage and certification, and the subscriber or mortgagee's written instructions.

It is a requirement that the instructions from your legal representative in Australia be provided in addition to the documents you need witnessed or certified.

Once all the correct documents are sighted and certified, we will provide you with a Certificate of Identity confirming that we have witnessed and certified your documents in accordance with the instructions from your legal representative. Where instructions from your legal representative are not provided, the services will be declined.

To make an appointment for a notarial service, click here.

For information on how to pay for a notarial service, click here.

Getting Married Overseas

Foreign citizens, intending on getting married in Russia, sometimes require a certificate attesting they are single. For Australians, this can be in the form of a letter of no objection (see below) or a single-status certificate from the registration authorities of your state or territory of residence. This certificate (as with any other documents not in Russian) must be translated into Russian and notarised.

If you are overseas and unable to apply for a single-status certificate and the letter of no objection below is not accepted, you can apply for a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) from the Australian Embassy in Moscow.

Once you have completed the application form and are ready to lodge your application, please contact us to obtain the most up to date fee.

For information on how to pay for a CNI application, click here.

To make an appointment to lodge your CNI application, click here.

For a list of other document required by Russian authorities check with the local Russian marriage registry office (Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya or ZAGS) located at 17 Butyrsky Ulitsa, Moscow Tel: +74956851960 ot +74956857988).

Letters of No Objection

The Australian Embassy no longer issues personalised letters of no objection (LNO) or letters of clarifications for individual clients. If you were asked to provide an Embassy letter stating that the Australian Government does not object to you marrying a foreign national; adopting a foreign national; permanently residing in a foreign country; obtaining the citizenship of a foreign country; or registering the name of a newborn child without a patronymic name, you can download our universal letter of no objection in English and Russian, free of charge.  This letter applies to all Australian citizens residing in or travelling through Russia or our countries of accreditation.

Australian citizens do not require the approval of the Australian Government for any of the above activities, if performed in accordance with Australian and local laws and regulations.

For those intending on getting married overseas and where a letter of no objection is refused, a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage should be applied for (attracts a fee - see above for additional information on how to apply).

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