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Passport Services

The Australian Embassy in Moscow can assist you with applying for a new Australian passport, renew an expired passport or replace a passport that was lost or stolen.

Australians abroad, especially in Russia and in our countries of accreditations must ensure their passports are valid throughout their entire stay.

When renewing or replacing an Australian passport in Russia, pay particular attention to regulations regarding Russian visas. A Russian visa is only valid for the passport in which it was issued in. If the passport is cancelled, lost or is no longer valid, the visa also loses its validity. It is the responsibility of the passport holder to obtain a replacement visa for the new passport.

Whether you apply in Australia or overseas, it takes approximately three weeks to get a new passport. You can help minimise processing times by ensuring that when you lodge your application, you provide all the required and correct information.

Additional information and local guidance:

Passport and Notarial Fees Increases

      From  1 January 2017, passport and notarial fees increases will apply :

For Passports, the following increases will apply:

  • 10-year validity passport for persons aged 16 and over: new fee $277.
  • 5-year validity passport for children under 16 years and persons aged 75 and over: new fee $139.
  • Emergency passport overseas: new fee $175.
  • The overseas surcharge for passport applications lodged outside Australia will increase to $52 for children under 18 years and to $103 for adults.

For Notarials, the new fees will range between $70 and $140 AUD depending on the requested service. This increase takes into account that Australian notarial fees have not increased in 16 years, the growing costs of delivering notarial services and risisng demand. The new fees structure aligns with those charged by commercial providers.

Other information:

Additional and more extensive information can be found on the website of the Australian Passport Office: