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Australia-Russia Relations

Australia-Russian Federation relationship

Australia joins our partners in condemning Russia's unilateral, illegal and immoral aggression against the people of Ukraine. The invasion is a gross violation of international law, including the UN Charter. Australia strongly supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We call on Russia to immediately withdraw its forces from Ukrainian territory. Australia has worked with our partners to support Ukraine and hold Russia accountable for its actions. International unity has underpinned the effective response to Russia’s invasion.

Contact between Australia and Russia began in 1807, when the Russian naval vessel Neva arrived in Sydney. Consular relations began in 1857 and formal diplomatic relations in 1942. Australia established an Embassy in Russia in 1943 and has Consulates in Vladivostok and St Petersburg. The Russian Federation has an Embassy in Canberra, a Consulate-General in Sydney and Consulates in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. Approximately 98,000 Australians claim Russian ancestry, according to the 2021 Census.

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