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Emergency Passports

You should allow up to three weeks for your new passport to be delivered to you.

Australians missions overseas can issue Emergency Passports to Australians needing to travel urgently and whose passports have been stolen, damaged or lost. The Emergency Passport may also be issued in some limited circumstances when clients are unable to wait for the delivery of a full validity passport due to an urgent need to travel.  This is assessed on a case-by-case basis and subject to scrutiny.

In addition to normal passport requirements, you will need to provide documentary evidence of your urgent need to travel (e.g. letter from employer, tickets, statutory declaration, etc.). 

If you are assessed to be eligible for an Emergency Passport, this can be issued to you within two working days.

An Emergency Passport:

  • can be issued within two days;
  • contains only four visa pages;
  • has limited validity (up to a maximum of 12 months);
  • does not contain an electronic chip;
  • is not accepted by all countries or at all border crossings (it is your responsability to check);
  • must be returned to an Australian Passport Office before applying for a full validity passport.

If you are issued with an Emergency Passport it is your responsibility to check whether it will be accepted for entry in the country where you are travelling and whether visas are required. 

A Russian visa is only valid for the passport in which it was issued in. If your passport is cancelled, lost or is no longer valid, your visa also loses its validity. It is your responsibility to obtain a replacement visa for the new passport, including for an Emergency Passport.

Please contact us prior to submitting an application for an Emergency Passport.